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Axis and Allies Information


DrawFix 3.82  Final Update patch 3.82

WarZoneInstall.exe (1.5 mb) If you are new to the WarZone, you first want to install the WarZone Client application so you can play Axis and Allies and other games online with us.

AAStarterPack60.exe (4 mb) If you already have the 1999 CD-ROM version of Axis and Allies installed, you can download just the v6.0 Starter Pack with the latest v6.0 patch and utility programs

AAStarterPackFull60.exe (32 mb) If you have lost your CD-ROM or it has become damaged, download this Full version of the Axis and Allies Starter Pack to install both the game and the Starter Pack itself. Note: in-game music and videos were not included to keep this download to a reasonable size.

The patch fixes a number of bugs in the original game, provides SecureDice protection against cheating, and adds the following commands that can be entered on the chat screen in-game:


  • . (Partner Tells): Enter a period at the start of a line in the chat window, and the rest of the text will only be sent to your allies in the game--your enemies will not see it. For instance, ".They can’t see this".
  • /luck (New in v5.0): Show stats on the dice in the game. See "Dice Stats (/luck) below for details.
  • /ping: Enter "/ping" to see the internet lag time to all other players in the game in milliseconds. If you receive no message for a player after a few seconds, you know they have been disconnected from the game.
  • /stats: Enter "/stats" to see all countries IPC’s and Production, with sums for the Allies and Axis. Useful to see how close one side is to an economic victory.
  • /exit: Exits the game. Useful if you’re stuck on the combat window and can’t quit the game
  • /fixup: Fixes an ownership bug for anti-aircraft. Use on your non-combat turn after you've retaken an aa that originally belonged to one of your allies.
  • /flags (New in v5.0) Toggles display of flags on and off--same as Alt-F.


Most people that play Axis and Allies online belong to the Axis and Allies World Club. Visit for information about the game, ladder play, and the Axis and Allies Forums.

Changes in v5.1


  • Retreat Fix: Fixed a bug added in v5.0 that allowed units to retreat to any territory on the map, though often with bad side effects such as "ghost" units.
  • Corruption Fixer Fixed: The "Repair" button in the IPC Editor will now fix most ghost unit corruption, allowing most corrupt saved games to be loaded.
  • Improved Large Battle Stability: Large battles should now be more stable than in any previous version.
  • Aqrit Pre-XP Compatibility: Aqrit's drawfix dll and exe have been marked compatible with pre-XP versions of windows.
  • Pathing Fix: E Central Pacific had an erroneous and one-way link with the Peruvian Sea that has been fixed. Another nice catch from Aqrit.
  • Not Backwards Compatible: v5.1 is not backwards compatible with previous versions of A&A. This means if anyone in a game is using v5.1, everyone must be or the game will lock up/malfunction at certain points. Player's versions are displayed in the chat area of the Waiting For Players screen when A&A first starts--verify there that everyone is using v5.1. Saved games, however, can be shared between v5.1 and previous versions, though games saved in previous versions will not have the dice stat information saved.


Changes in v5.0

  • Dice stats (/luck command): Displayed for each side is the number of hits above or below average followed by the actual number of hits/the average number of hits of that side's dice = % of actual to average hits. I.e., 100% = exactly average, 90% = 10% below average, 110% = 10% above average. Below this is a comparison of the luck of each side, showing which side has done better than which and by how many hits compared to the average, / the total number of actual hits for both sides = % of difference to total hits. This final percent gives a rough idea of how big a roll luck has played in the game, with 0% = luck has played no roll.

Hot Keys: The following hot keys have been added:

  • F1: Shows a help screen.
  • ALT-F: Toggles flag display on or off.
  • ALT-ENTER: Switches A&A to Windowed mode. To unlock the mouse in Windowed mode, click on the title screen of the window. The game may run very slowly in Windowed mode, it is primarily a way to switch out of the game quickly to do something then go back in. To switch back to Full-Screen mode, simply Maximize the window.
  • ALT-TAB: Minimize A&A. Much less stable than ALT-ENTER.

Combat Movement:

  • The game will now allow you to move units to non-combat locations during the Combat Phase. This is primarily to permit planes to path through allied territory (to avoid AA or establish retreat routes) and to permit Aircraft Carriers to move to show the game potential fighter landing spots. It should not be used illegally to block naval retreats.

Neutral Bug Fixes:

  • Planes can now use their final movement point to land on a captured neutral.
  • Planes can now capture neutrals by flying over them, and must do so to fly over them. Capturing neutrals in this way costs 3 IPC's as normal.
  • To prevent accidental buying, planes will now never automatically path over uncaptured neutrals. To take a neutral with a plane, you much manually path the plane to that neutral. It can then go on to another combat location in the same phase.
  • Tanks can now blitz through captured neutrals, though per the rules, not in the same phase that they are originally captured.

2 Dice Heavy Bombers Option:

  • This option replaces the never used No Tech Development option on the main options screen in-game. When selected, Heavy Bombers will only roll 2 dice instead of 3 both in combat and during Strategic Bombing raids.
  • Allied Sub Retreats: A bug that prevented allied subs from retreating (notably the USSR sub from the North Sea on Germans first combat phase) has been fixed.
  • Combat Unit Lock: A bug causing the error "Max History Log Exceeded" when either side in a battle rolled more than 164 dice has been eased--the limit is now 255 dice for either side. Note this is for each side, not combined--i.e., Allies could roll 255 and Axis another 255 in the same battle without breaking anything.
  • Chat Window Clearing: The chat window will no longer clear its contents when it is closed then reopened.
  • Drake Passage Pathing: A pathing bug at Drake Passage has been fixed.
  • Removed Re-Loading: Removed the ability to reload a save during a multiplayer game to head of any temptation to try running the game in a Window, saving it, editing IPC's with the IPC editor, and reloading it. Thanks to AABoss for pointing out this idea to me--I don't know if it would have worked, but better safe than sorry. Re-loading has long been used to "unstick" amphibious assaults into undefended territories that involved a sea battle--however, simply clicking "Done" to the combat phase will accomplish the same thing.
  • Not Backwards Compatible: Please not that v5.0 is not backwards compatible with previous versions of A&A. This means if anyone in a game is using v5.0, everyone must be or the game will lock up/malfunction at certain points. Player's versions are displayed in the chat area of the Waiting For Players screen when A&A first starts--verify there that everyone is using v5.0. Saved games, however, can be shared between v5.0 and previous versions, though games saved in previous versions will not have the dice stat information saved.

A number of enhancements and bug fixes coded independently by Aqrit have been included in v5.0 with his permission. These can all be turned on or off by his new configuration utility, runnable from the AA Helper application. By default, all are turned on except Force Direct Draw Emulation.

  • A&A Windowed Mode: Hit ALT-ENTER during the game to for A&A to run in a window. Maximize the window to return to full screen mode. While in Windowed mode, click on the window's title bar to toggle locking and unlocking the mouse to the windown. Note that windowed mode may run very slowly on some computers (it does on mine), but it is still useful for popping out to change your mp3's, check if your opponent is still in the WZ, etc.
  • ALT-TAB: ALT-TAB may now be used to switch out of the game without running it in a window. However, this is much more likely to lock up than using ALT-ENTER to just go to windowed mode, especially if it isn't your turn. Its what automatically happens when something tries to "pop up" over A&A, though, so such pop ups are now much less likely to lock up the game--just try to get back into the game as quickly as possible when that happens, especially if it isn't your turn.
  • Improved Video Card Compatibility: Aqrit has made further improvements to his fix for the surface locking bug that was causing some video cards and OS's to crash running A&A. His fix is now turned on by default.
  • Force DirectDraw Emulation Option: This option is off by default, and should only be turned on as a last resort if you can not get the game to run any other way. It turns off all hardware acceleration of the game graphics, and is likely to make the game run very slowly unless you have a very fast computer.
  • Arrow-Key Map Scrolling: The map can now be scrolled with the up, down, left, and right arrow keys. This is on by default, but can be turned off if prefer to use those keys for their Chat Window functions.
  • Faster Transport Unloading: Automatically selects the next unit to unload from a group of transports.
  • Faster Transport Movement: Automatically selected the next transport to move. This option along with the one above it are intended to prevent having to use the special Transport window.
  • Uncap USA IC Production: A fix for the bug that sometimes limit US production in the E USA to 12 units. While it technically can be turned off, there is no reason to do so, and doing might cause problems when playing others who have it turned on--so best to always leave this on.

Changes in v4.3

  • Added a Full version of the Pack that also installs Axis and Allies for those with lost or damaged CD-ROM's.
  • Added the ability for the game to run without the in-game music and/or video files. This cut down the Full version's file size by 370 mb, and may help those who have problems with the game crashing or running slowly. It will also insure everyone can play without the CD-ROM installed.

Added the "AA Helper" application to handle common support issues, such as:

  • Installing/uninstalling Aqrits video fix for Vista and nVidia
  • Controlling Process Affinity for those not using Aqrit's fix--fixes in-game video hanging/jumping, and may help some with video or slow running problems
  • Installs/removes in-game music and video files for those with the CD-ROM--if you're having problems with the game running slow, turning off the in-game music and video here may help.